Join us for a free, one-day discovery virtual bootcamp event!

Discover how your organization can quickly address your construction project's most difficult pain point or delivery constraint.

Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

1:00 - 4:00 PM Central Virtual Event

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What will you learn?

Understand how to apply AI to mission-critical construction operations

Develop initial use cases for your organization's most difficult pain point or operations constraint with the BuilderChain ConstructOps applications

How we can quickly onboard and train your users and project stakeholders for rollout in project operations

Our Approach

Your Bespoke Problem

Something Our forward deployed engineering team uses the very efficient “virtual bootcamp” format to quickly identify not just any pain point in your operations, but the biggest pain point.  The system constraint.  The issue that when corrected will have the most immediate and significant impact of operational throughput and thus revenue flow and profit improvement.

Your Bespoke Solution

We look for where there is an accumulation of WIP waiting on the next task. A task where there may be a perception of resource shortage but can find many ways to exploit that constraint and thus unlock the throughput and revenue not previously achieved.  We apply state-of-the-art analytics to a comprehensive view of the entire operational fabric to achieve this objective.

Our Templated Solutions

When your problem is similar to what our practice engineers have solved in the past, we have the efficient and fast option of implementing one of our templated solutions.  Although this template provides you not just a great starting point, but also the option to fine tune that solution so your operational gains are fully realized. 

BuilderPay is one example of templated solution that can be quickly deployed for your general contracting organization. This functionality can greatly enhance the task approval and payment process through the use of predefined checklists and a tight correction workflow process when warranted. Builder Validation Services is another example of a templated solution that is delivered by a focused solution provider and delivery team.