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Welcome to the BuilderChain Network

BuilderChain is revolutionizing the home builder construction industry by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our innovative solutions streamline operations from marketing to warranty management, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating project timelines. With BuilderChain, you'll boost profits, strengthen market positioning, and expand your market share, all while increasing sales and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

AI Solutions That Work


BuilderChain AI Services™

Achieve operational efficiency with our AI Platform (AIP). Develop solutions in five days without coding. Integrate CRM, ERP, and project management with BuilderChain ConstructOps HyperAuto Tool. Master online community engagement. Empower startups with robust planning and strategic guidance. Optimize exit strategies for maximum value.


BuilderChain AI Templates™

Experience cutting-edge operational efficiency with our AI-templated solutions. Our enterprise-grade AI templates, including the Negotiations Assistant for Procurement and Automated Invoice Validation, streamline processes and enhance productivity. Adopt our "Operations as a Service" (OaaS) model for seamless, incremental integration of AI solutions, addressing your critical challenges effectively.


BuilderChain AI Tools™

Discover BuilderChain's innovative AI-powered tools designed to enhance construction project management. These advanced solutions streamline project planning, resource allocation, and real-time communication. By providing actionable insights and automating processes, our AI tools improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive project success. Explore how these cutting-edge tools can transform your construction operations.



BuilderPay™ ensures immediate payment upon task completion, eliminating delays and disputes. Lenders, builders, and trades benefit from reduced risks and faster payments. Blockchain technology secures transactions, enhancing trust. BuilderPay™ promotes speed, quality, and transparency, transforming the construction payment process.

An AI Community Just For You


Get Advice from Building Experts

Engage with other community members as you like. That could be advice from a subject matter expert, or asking a builder how they handle something. This is your space, to post your own advice, to ask questions, to answer other's questions!

Resources, Education, Podcast

We will be starting a podcast for best practices, strategy and insight. We have some educational articles and will have more, and in general, other resources such as spreadsheets, lists, workflows and more, will appear here.

Swag Store

You can get BuilderChain merchandise. You are sure to stand out as most of your colleagues and industry contacts won't have their own BuilderChain merchandise. But hey, you deserve to stand out!

Sponsorship Opportunities

You will see some opportunities to advertise. You also have advertising opportunities on our "Job Board". You can get noticed and get your brand out there!

Construction & AI-Related Job Board

VIP Pricing

Becoming a VIP member unlocks special pricing on various job board features. This complimentary membership provides exclusive access to reduced rates for job postings and additional savings through bundled options.

Anonymous Resume Access

Our job board offers a unique feature that allows job seekers to choose to let hiring teams view their contact information, even when they choose to remain anonymous. Employers can express interest in candidates directly from the job board at no charge unless the candidate accepts the contact request. For more personalized assistance, our Job Board Manager can help find the right candidate, including reaching out to top candidates who prefer to remain anonymous.

VIP Advertising Opportunities

We provide opportunities to enhance your brand's visibility to our extensive audience. Options include sponsoring pages, banner ads, and other advertising placements. These opportunities are designed to get you in front of many prospects and maximize exposure.



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