Providing an autonomous collective for the construction industry

Who We Are

Builderchain provides a blockchain-based, digital construction marketplace and industry ecosystem that includes a completely agnostic and consistent business operation and coordination (scheduling) platform.

The Builderchain platform integrates with all existing construction applications via API's or when necessitated, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Digital Payment Rails

Industry Merchant Services

Industry Merchant Services


Industry Merchant Services

Industry Merchant Services

Industry Merchant Services


Industry Collaboration

Industry Merchant Services

Industry Collaboration

What We Do

Builderchain makes it easy for construction organizations of all sizes to effectively participate in the fourth industrial revolution.  

We accomplish that goal by delivering first-party turnkey business services, or enable other third-party organizations to deliver many of the other services needed by our construction industry marketplace participants.


27-second video from Paul Brody

Paul Brody, Ernst & Young Principal & Global Innovation Blockchain Leader, 3 years with EY, 12 years prior with IBM, McKinsey & Co., Princeton

“What is more challenging is figuring out the business process application and business value creation”.

- Paul Brody

Our Why


Although we support industry organizations of all sizes, our mission is to “level the playing field” for these small to medium sized construction firms, allowing them to remain viable now and for a long time into the future, 

We sincerely believe that mission serves an honorable goal.  

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