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Our Vision, Our Misson, Our Values, Our Team

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Our Vision

To accelerate the construction industry's transition to a new level of operational effectiveness

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Our Mission

To connect, inspire and nurture the world's construction industry's professionals and their organizations to empower a more productive and successful project delivery.

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Our Values

BuilderChain's culture and values are deeply embedded in its philosophy of creating a dream team where every member is extraordinary and highly effective. The company fosters a professional sports team environment, emphasizing performance and collaboration rather than seniority or tenure.

This approach focuses on attracting and retaining stunning colleagues by paying top market compensation and maintaining a culture where feedback is open and constant.

BuilderChain's values informed risk-taking, honesty, and a high level of performance over mere hard work. It champions a culture of freedom and responsibility, encouraging employees to take initiative and act in BuilderChain's best interest. The company has a minimal policy approach to foster creativity and innovation, avoiding excessive bureaucracy that can stifle growth and adaptability.

Our team


Brittanie Turner headshot2

Brittanie Turner

CEO and Cofounder

Marcus Turner Headshot2

Marcus Turner

Chief AI Officer and Cofounder

New DonB headshot

Don Bowden

Chairman and Cofounder

Erik Cofield headshot

Erik Cofield

VP, Builder Strategy

Felipe Manriquez EBFC Show Badge

Felipe Manriquez

Board of Advisor




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