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We validate credentialing and distribute those tokenized credentials so you don't have to!

Verify your credentials once, submit immutable certification tokens many times!

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When each project requires a contractor to provide extensive credentialing to bid, the manual, paper based process was tedious for both the party submitting the credentials, and for the party receiving and validating those credentials.


With the use of tokenized credentials provided by Builder Validation Services, your credentials can be verified just once, tokenized, and then submitted many times as required by the bid submittal process.

Now the recipient of the tokenized credentials knows the validation was performed by a qualified third-party, and the tokens submitted for those credentials is immutable and subject to tokens expiring automatically once a credentialing date is no longer valid.

Now a trade can bid on more projects knowing that credentialing only requires a simple click of a button.

Sample Validation Scenarios
Builder Validation Scenarios updated

Builder Validation Services is a composable back-office merchant operating on the Palantir Foundry enabled BuilderChain Network

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