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AI + Construction for Material Harmonization

AI + Construction scales harmonization efforts by enriching material properties with data from structured and unstructured sources, increasing production resilience and reducing supplier dependencies.

AI + Construction for Negotiations Assistant for Procurement

AI + Construction helps secure advantageous vendor agreements by empowering procurement teams to enter contract and claim negotiations with robust, data-driven strategies.

AI+  Construction for Automated Invoice Validation

AI + Construction helps to extract information from invoices and surfaces alerts when discrepancies arise.

AI + Construction for Intelligent Purchasing

AI + Construction harmonizes product hierarchy with spend across vendors and materials to better inform purchasing strategies.

AI + Construction for Vendor Agreement Compliance and Violation Detection

AI + Construction can help increase compliance for vendor agreements across the entire lifecycle by proactively comparing each purchase decision against contract terms.

AI + Construction for Available-to-Promise

AI + Construction enables commercial teams to derive an accurate understanding of Available-to-Promise in real-time.

AI + Construction for Demand Forecasting

AI + Construction helps planning teams in their forecasting efforts, incorporating data sources to model future demand and enable informed planning and decision making.

AI + Construction for Supply Chain Sourcing

AI + Construction empowers purchasing teams to make informed sourcing decisions based on harmonized material information, price comparisons, lead time, existing contract terms, and vendor risks.

AI + Construction for RFP Submission Evaluation

AI + Construction helps teams evaluate RFPs by automatically scoring vendor responses and surfacing the best matches based on RFP criteria.

AI + Construction for Supplier Management

AI + Construction allows operators to enhance both supplier interactions and procurement strategies to foster business growth.

AI + Construction for Warranty Claims Resolution

AI + Construction helps claims analysts triage adjudications by contextualizing incoming claims with warranty guidelines.

AI + Construction for Process Optimization Framework

AI + Construction Process Optimization empowers organizations to continuously improve processes while establishing automation guardrails alongside AI-powered decision-making.

AI + Construction for Dynamic Scheduling Framework

AI + Construction Dynamic Scheduling enhances business processes by allowing users to encode complex constraints and rules using an intuitive chat interface.

AI + Construction for Customer Service Engine

AI + Construction enables customer service teams to integrate consumer data with sales data to inform next best action for every customer.

AI + Construction for Accounts Payable Automation

AI + Construction streamlines the payment process, optimizes working capital, and promotes healthy supplier relationships.

AI + Construction for Lead Triage & Management

AI + Construction helps simplify the inbound lead management process, automating common challenges such as lead enrichment, assignment and prioritization.