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Choice: Fish or Fed We can show you how to create solutions or create them for you as consultants in action. 

We deliver solutions. 

What if, creating a solution wasn't really that difficult?

Where would you take your company if it wasn't really all that difficult to realize operational efficiency? It's only a question until you see the first solution come to life. Typically then, our builder customers have to slow themselves down. Solutions in 5 days? Yes, that is a reality thanks to the very powerful Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) Powered by Palantir.  We can do it for you, but you won't want us to when you realize how easy it is and how fast you can do it yourself with no switching of software and no coding experience required. You do have to think strategically though!  We do offer complimentary services, but creating solutions...easy, and we lead the bootcamps with you and guide you as you create the solution(s). Some of the main services:

  • Integrating your CRM application with your ERP/Accounting application, and/or your project management application. The quickest and most cost-effective way to achieve that is with BuilderChain ConstructOps HyperAuto Tool, powered by Palantir.  As a bonus, you will get state-of-the-art analytics and operational automation as a byproduct. 
  • Consulting on how you can create, manage and master your own online community, engaging consumers with tips, purchasing strategies, consumers avoiding common pitfalls, etc. 
  • Anything you can do in a bootcamp (fish) we can do for you (feed) but although we love the money, we discourge this because 1, it's easy; 2, it's cheaper and 3, we value the relationship long term and we know once you put one solution in place, you will be looking for others!
  • We help start ups get going, helping you create a business plan, a plan of action and a profitable operationally efficient company structure, with strategy on product promotion and pricing.
  • Exit Strategy Consulting. The other side of growth is monetizing that growth. With decades of experience for each of us here at BuilderChain, we can guide you on what you need to do, and where you need to get your company to, operationally, so can sell it for more than you thought. But selling is not the only exit strategy.