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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Specific to Homebuliders for tremendous benefits

Drive new levels of operational gains for your next construction project, for your organization, and for all of your project stakeholders

Start your next project on our Palantir Foundry enabled network today...

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AI-Powered Project Operations, For Every Decision

Activate enterprise-grade AI in days, and drive new levels of modern construction project delivery.

No switching systems!
No coding experience required!
Let's discuss strategy and solutions. 
Solutions in Days not Weeks.

In today's rapidly evolving construction landscape, marked by significant disruptions, the BuilderChain network and its deployment partners understand the critical importance for construction firms to leverage advanced software solutions that actually deliver measurable results. These tools are essential for making secure, trusted decisions that drive project success,  competitive advantage, and increased profit.

Incremental improvements are no longer sufficient. It's crucial to embed intelligence into the heart of project operations, ensuring every decision enhances efficiency, safety, and innovation at every level of the construction enterprise.

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DALL·E 2024-02-22 12.11.46 - Edit the image of a digital construction workspace to have a plain white background, keeping the focus on the central elements like the computer scree

AI + Construction-Now!

Here we show our ConstructOps Templates ready to be deployed and leveraged for operational gains in your organization.  

Enhance procurement strategies with AI-powered solutions for material harmonization, vendor negotiations, invoice validation, accounts payable automation, intelligent purchasing, vendor compliance, supplier management, dynamic scheduling, customer service engine, warranty claims resolution and more.  

Boost efficiency and resilience in your operations.

If you don't find what you are looking for, inquire about a customized solution optimized for your business.

AI for Construction Bootcamp

From zero to solution in days. Move past demos, get hands-on-keyboard, and push to production results.
Develop initial use cases for your organization's most difficult pain point or operations constraint with the BuilderChain ConstructOps applications.  We are there with you, in the trenches (online boot camp from your location), not just talking head consultants. Start with a 1 day discovery, or get busy creating the solution in a weeklong bootcamp

Hear Lennar Homes CTO speak about Palantir Foundry and AIP's Impact

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Palantir Foundry & AIP

The BuilderChain Network is a  decision-centric, performant platform that integrates AI with construction project data, logic, and action.  Our platform is ready to address your most challenging, profit-impacting issues. You can out position your competition, but you are not going to stump our platform!

Let's build something powerful.

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Connect AI to Construction Project Data.

The Ontology (a set of concepts that shows properties and the relations between them) integrates real-time data from all relevant sources into a semantic model of the business. This anchors AI in the operational truth of the enterprise, mitigating the risk of model hallucinations and creating the trust needed for decision-making.

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Connect AI to Construction Project Logic.

The Ontology binds AI to the traditional business logic, models, optimizers, and other computations that are spread across environments and power enterprise processes.  Permitted logic assets become deterministic tools that complement AI-driven reasoning and decisioning.

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Connect AI to Construction Project with Action.

The Ontology enables AI to safely synchronize decisions back to operational databases, edge platforms, and other systems of action. AI-authored proposals can be subject to human validation. Scenarios can be generated and examined for potential impact. All action can be audited.

Our Online Community

online research community
We are the construction industry's community of communities.

Inside the BuilderChain Online Community, construction industry cohorts like youself can come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, and build thriving communities.

We also use our online community to serve as the platform where we host and deliver our bootcamp events.

You'll also have access to exclusive feature betas, help from the BuilderChain team, and weekly show-and-tell from other construction industry cohorts.

It's not just for builders. While builders helping builders is great, industry experts can provide insight as well, and as we have seen, some builders engage those industry experts for other things, such as setting up an online sales counselor program or reviewing accounting or ERP systems and much more.  

Our network platform was built for this moment. 

Category-Defining Technology

Palantir Ranked No. 1 vendor in AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning

— Dresner Advisory Services, 2023 Wisdom of Crowds AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Market Study

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Palantir Ranked No. 1 in Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Software Study in Market Share and Revenue

“Palantir has demonstrated its clear leadership in AI on a global scale from both a market share and revenue perspective...we’re excited to see how Palantir continues to separate itself from the competition by solving the toughest business challenges out there with their platforms.”

— Ritu Jyoti, IDC’s Group VP, AI and Automation

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Palantir Named a Leader in AI/ML Platforms by Independent Research Firm

“Palantir is rooted in building data-driven intelligence applications for complex, high-value government and commercial use cases.”

— The Forrester Wave™: AI/ML Platforms, Q3 2022

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