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Solutions always start by us listening.

What are your business challenges?

From there we ask more questions in a partial day discovery boot camp. We then
leverage Artificial Intelligence and the AI + Construction platform, powered by Palantir (AIP) and show YOU how to create YOUR solution in as little as 5 days in one of our hands-on online, interactive bootcamps.

No switching systems.
No coding experience needed.

Instead of consulting and concept
chatter, we show you how to create the path to your solution and you leave the bootcamp with a whole new process, solution, plan, and ultimately, more profit.

The ROI is significant for a
custom builder and staggering for production builders. Whether it is saving $40K per custom home or $8M per community (times 1000+ communities by the way), operational efficiency should be the goal of every building company. We make that happen!

The ROI is staggering.

Some of the solutions, and so many more. What can we solve for your company? 

Even if you are running a profitable company, who doesn't want more profit, an easier path to not just growth, but a company that runs more smoothly? Here are just some of the solutions we can deliver. 

  • More effective scheduling of Superintendents.
  • Analyzing deeper levels of consumer/customer demographics for more profitable decisioning.
  • Enhanced data mining and demographic analysis to better understand floor plans, viable pricing, lot size and community layout that will sell more easily, location specific.
  • Helping larger regional trade partners operate their routing and appointment setting more efficiently to get more of your calls done in a day, and putting the routing decisioning with the company, not each individual driver.
  • Analyzing your prospect database to form a call list of the top most  likely to proceed prospects, especially useful for Online Sales Counselors.
  • Helping Custom Builders take any floor plan the customer has approved and  creating a more effective, efficient and profitable build, including true, valid and  actually viable critical path schedule that trades can count on.
  • Macro Portfolio Management: our AI + Construction platform, powered by Palantir, (the engine) allows managers to  enhance the Ontology ( a set of concepts and categories in a subject area or domain that shows their properties and the relations between them) with external public  data sources, for example trend information from news articles, industry reports  and internal meeting notes. This enables portfolio managers to trigger portfolio actions for enhanced decision making for every consideration the builder-developer deals with: lot size, streets,  
    layout, price points, floor plans, directional, etc., to be more efficient and validated.
  • Vendor Agreement Compliance and Violation Detection.
  • Lead Triage and Lead Management. Our AI + Construction platform helps simplify the inbound lead management process by automating common challenges such as lead enrichment, assignment, prioritization and even insight to likely product and price point for intelligent decisioning,  per prospect.
  • And many more, but let's solve your challenges!