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Rules & Real-Time Alerting

​Create object-aware alerts with rules made by your experts. Seamlessly connect alerts to action across your business.

Dynamic Scheduling

Translate your real-world complexity into real-time adaptation. All while planning for the future.  Automatically trigger actions downstream to operational systems.

Digital Twins

Power next-generation project operations with semantic data, AI/ML-based twins, and twin-based simulations.

Process Mining

Mine processes. Reveal inefficiencies. Drive change.  Continuously optimize.


We are providing the first-of-its-kind approach to data integration that emphasizes automation and dynamic data pipeline generation to achieve in hours what might take a traditional team months or years.

Virtual Tables

From longstanding large-scale enterprise customers to those just getting started in an BuilderChain Bootcamp, Virtual Tables enables users to begin building AIP-powered workflows in minutes.


Ontology, in the world of Palantir, is like the game plan for organizing all these puzzle pieces. It's not just another piece of tech; it's a revolutionary approach to understanding and connecting data.

AutoGPT Agents

The AI era represents a shift from code to settings and from deterministic to probabilistic.  At the business model level, these structural changes will play out at the operational "production level" rather than simply a distribution advantage.

Self-Operating Computer

​Unlike the complexity and administratively burdensome Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Builderchain is developing a vision-based AI Agent that works at the operation system level. We are integrated with OpenAI's GPT-4v (Vision) as our default multimodal model.

This allows for the maximum context and adaptability as it interacts with legacy business applications and websites.

ERP as a Black Box

Any BuilderChain member’s ERP, CRM or project managment application can be wrapped with an automation layer, using Foundry and Self-Operating Computer techniques to operate much of the traditional tasks conducted by humans.