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Your Bespoke Problem 

Our forward deployed engineering team uses the very efficient “virtual bootcamp” format to quickly identify not just any pain point in your operations, but the biggest pain point.  The system constraint.  The issue that when corrected will have the most immediate and significant impact of operational throughput and thus revenue flow and profit improvement.   


Your Bespoke Solution 

We look for where there is an accumulation of WIP waiting on the next task. A task where there may be a perception of resource shortage but can find many ways to exploit that constraint and thus unlock the throughput and revenue not previously achieved.  We apply state-of-the-art analytics to a comprehensive view of the entire operational fabric to achieve this objective.

Rules & Real-Time Alerting

​Create object-aware alerts with rules made by your experts. Seamlessly connect alerts to action across your business.

Dynamic Scheduling

Translate your real-world complexity into real-time adaptation. All while planning for the future.  Automatically trigger actions downstream to operational systems.

Digital Twins

Power next-generation project operations with semantic data, AI/ML-based twins, and twin-based simulations.

Process Mining

Mine processes. Reveal inefficiencies. Drive change.  Continuously optimize.


We are providing the first-of-its-kind approach to data integration that emphasizes automation and dynamic data pipeline generation to achieve in hours what might take a traditional team months or years.

Virtual Tables

From longstanding large-scale enterprise customers to those just getting started in an BuilderChain Bootcamp, Virtual Tables enables users to begin building AIP-powered workflows in minutes.


Ontology, in the world of Palantir, is like the game plan for organizing all these puzzle pieces. It's not just another piece of tech; it's a revolutionary approach to understanding and connecting data.

AutoGPT Agents

The AI era represents a shift from code to settings and from deterministic to probabilistic.  At the business model level, these structural changes will play out at the operational "production level" rather than simply a distribution advantage.

Self-Operating Computer

​Unlike the complexity and administratively burdensome Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Builderchain is developing a vision-based AI Agent that works at the operation system level. We are integrated with OpenAI's GPT-4v (Vision) as our default multimodal model.

This allows for the maximum context and adaptability as it interacts with legacy business applications and websites.

ERP as a Black Box

Any BuilderChain member’s ERP, CRM or project managment application can be wrapped with an automation layer, using Foundry and Self-Operating Computer techniques to operate much of the traditional tasks conducted by humans.

ConstructOps Command Post Trailer

Deliver immediate Project Visibility and Production Coordination.

BuilderChain ConstructOps Tools is delivering a AI-defined construction field trailer to provide optimum project production operations capability from the field.

ConstructOps Human Telemetry Pendent

The ConstructOps Human Telemetry Pendant is an intriguing wearable device designed to enhance your daily work life on the construction site.

The Pendent is world’s most wearable AI. Preserve conversations and ask your personalized AI anything about the project or it's operations.

BuilderChain Unified Data Infrastructure

powered by Palantir

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